A big thanks to my manager at IBM, who set aside July 7th-10th for us to be creative and make something special for IBM.

Creating this application was an experience I will never forget.

Imagine grabbing a hot cup o' joe on your daily commute to the IBM Austin campus. You take the elevator to the 5th floor office space, an open, Agile work environment with over 100 IBMers. Hungry for coffee and donuts, you peer at the 60" TV monitor displaying the Mappr application (see pictures). At a glance, you notice that someone is looking for a new bicycle, someone else lost their earbuds, and most importantly, that someone made chocolate chip cookies!

So you click Show on map to be presented with a marker for where these cookies are located. You walk over to Carlos the cookie maker, have a chat, and bring a couple cookies back to your workstation.

Later in the day, you notice a pair of earbuds in the bathroom. You remembered that someone lost them, so you pull up Mappr on your laptop and look at the person's Slack username and location on the map. "I found your earbuds!" You tell him, and walk to his desk to return them.

Before you leave for the day, you notice that someone posted a ping pong tournament on Mappr. It's at 5PM in the lobby! Soon it will be time to show your coworkers what you're made of.

See this video for a live, working demo running on the IBM intranet.


UI Sketches